District Mission Statement

The mission of Union Grove Elementary School is to provide a positive educational environment while embracing diversity and enabling all students to reach their highest potential with the cooperation of parents and the community.

UGES Staff: Provide a positive educational environment while embracing diversity and empowering all students to reach their highest potential.

Pupil Services: Respond and support the diverse needs of both students and teachers by addressing academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs through collaboration and the development of support systems. We foster an inclusive and supportive educational community.

Early Childhood: Foster growth in a safe, nurturing environment that supports diverse needs of young children and their families through utilization of developmentally appropriate practice and play opportunities. We encourage independence and next steps toward new skills that develop life-long learners. 

4K: Foster each child’s growth academically, emotionally, and socially through positive developmentally appropriate practice and play.

Kindergarten: Provide a positive enthusiastic learning experience in which our students learn empathy, respect, and cooperation while learning perseverance within an inclusive environment. 

1st Grade: Inspire, encourage, and motivate students to be problem solvers, self advocates, and life-long learners.

2nd Grade: Create an environment in which all children feel welcomed, respected, accepted and supported in order to achieve their highest potential.

3rd: Create an environment that fosters a love for learning, encourages respect for self and others , and inspires a lifelong growth mindset.

4th Grade: Inspire, build, respect, and communicate to nurture enthusiastic, independent learners.

5th Grade: Provide students with a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment for inquiry and discovery.

6th Grade: Provide a meaningful education that addresses students’ unique learning styles and cultivates independent thought through a safe, supportive and engaging environment.

7th Grade: Educate, prepare, and inspire confident life-long learners.

8th Grade: Prepare, challenge and empower lifelong learners and active citizens.