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Extracurricular Sports Seasons Starting

We are very excited to share we will be providing a modified basketball and dance season to 7th and 8th graders this year! Please understand this is not a traditional year and there are some changes. We are offering positions to 7th/8th graders only, at first, and would like to see our numbers before we invite 6th graders to participate. It is our belief 6th graders will have more opportunities to play in the future.  Girls’ season is first followed by the boys’ season. 

Girls’ season will begin immediately since the decision was made Jan. 15 to move forward with five area schools participating. Practices will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 20. Our first game is at home on Monday, Jan. 25th.  At Union Grove only 2 spectators are allowed for each athlete.  All other schools will NOT allow spectators except Williams Bay.


We will be providing transportation to the games, but encourage players be picked up following their games, if possible. Designated pick-up times are as follows:  B team pick-ups at 4:30 PM and A team pick-ups at 5:30 PM.  Parents should wait for players outside. We cannot wait for late pick-ups after away games and will transport students back to school for pick up if they are not picked up at the designated times. We are asking all athletes and spectators to leave immediately following each home game. There will be an entrance to the gym on the north side, and an exit on the south side. No concessions will be available.

Dance will be offered in place of Cheer. Dance team members will perform at home games only. More information will be shared in the Daily Express.

Boys’ basketball season is next, followed by volleyball then track.  Information will be posted in the Daily Express closer to those seasons start times.

Union Grove Elementary is one of the only schools that has stayed open and offered all sports. We are very excited to move forward and appreciate your support!