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Message from the Superintendent-July 10

As we plan to reopen our doors this fall, it is the priority of the Board of Education and our Administrative team to maximize the safety and well-being of students and staff and to ensure a highly effective learning environment. At this time NO final decisions have been made for the return to school in the fall. This email will outline the areas we are planning for and what resources we are using to put our working plan together:

• We will continue to survey our families and staff
• Wisconsin Department of Health at
(You may need to copy and paste to go to this website)
• Central Racine County Health Department at
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• Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction at

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

• Neighboring School District Plans

Instructional model for the fall

The district intends to start the school year using two models. Families will have the option of:

• In-person 5 days a week with possible options. To best keep our instructional program consistent and safe, we will be making some adjustments to what our students have done in the past. What does that mean?
1. Modified schedules.
2. Reduced transitions.
3. No field trips or large gatherings.
4. Student may stay in cohorts.
5. Consistent virtual platforms.
6. Minimize close contact.
• Virtual Instruction 5 days a week. If this is the option that you might be interested in please email Thomas Johnson at by July 31. If you choose this option or if we are forced to go 100% virtual we will make adjustments to how we delivered our virtual learning in the spring.
1. Replicate the school day as much as possible with set class times and real-time teacher instruction.
2. More subjects will be taught.
3. Use consistent virtual platform.
4. Work with families to support students.

Face coverings
One area we know that is on the mind of our staff and community are face coverings. The recommendations keep changing and at this time we have not determined what we will do here at UGES. Please read the article from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to get information on face coverings in schools and what families need to know at

Lunch Program
We will be using a combination of additional lunch periods and additional spaces to help with socially distancing students. We are still researching the best way to deliver our hot lunch program.

The District continues to work with Dousman Transport to establish protocols for bus safety. Unfortunately, adding buses or drivers will not be an option due to a shortage of drivers. Masks will most likely be required for students and drivers to wear on the bus at all times.

Over the next couple of weeks the district plans to put together a section on our website at with information for reopening at UGES.
We would like to assure you that we are planning to do all that we can do to return to school safely. Please do not hesitate to email Brenda Stevenson at , Thomas Johnson at or Tom Hansen at with any questions or concerns.

Take care and stay safe,
Brenda Stevenson/District Superintendent, Thomas Johnson/Principal and Tom Hansen/Assistant Principal