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Maker Space Room Supplies Needed

In the Maker Space room students may choose what they want to work or create with and then go for it!  All items used are donated by staff, parents and community members.  The Maker Space room has been very busy and we could use some more supplies.  If you have any of the following or know of someone who does please consider donating them.  There is a blue bin inside the front entrance of the school for your donations.  Thank you for supporting creativity in our school!

Maker Space Wanted List
 •  Small Paper Cups
 •  Scrap colored/construction paper
 •  Metal washers (various sizes)
 •  Pipe cleaners
 •  Old cd's
 •  Small boxes and containers
 •  Marbles
 •  Toothpicks
 •  Take apart items such as out dated small electronics (computers, dvd players, alarm clocks, etc) and broken or unused electronic toys.  No items may contain glass.


A list of items routinely used is attached for your use, just click on the link.  Thank you!

Maker Space Supply List