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    Union Grove Elementary School has access to Accelerated Reader Enterprise.  AR is an exciting way for students to read books, take a quiz on a school computer, earn points and receive instant feed back on quiz questions.

    Accelerated Reader is installed on all computers in our building. This AR gives us access to more than 170,000 quizzes with more titles being added each week. More information about Accelerated Reader may be found in the AR Parent GuideExact information about books, titles and point value can be found at AR BookFinder.

    Students have been given passwords and usernames during their computer class.  AR quizzes may be taken on any computer in the school. Students might want to log in using their AR login and password at home to a site called Renaissance Home Connect. This is a great place for parents and students to see test titles that have been taken and how many points students have earned. A great way to keep up with goals!

    Teachers will be able to access reports to help children learn and to improve reading success.  Reports will give teacher and parent information about Reading Practice, Vocabulary, and Literacy Skills Quizzes.

    The Union Grove AR Celebrations for K-4 are held at the end of each trimester.  A BINGO party is held at the end of each trimester.  All other party events will be held at the end of the school year.  

    We are always accepting any new or gently used items that would make good BINGO prizes for elementary aged children.  Please send or bring them to the school office or to Mrs. Loppnow.

    Check the chart and get started today to earn great incentives.



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