Teacher Qualifications

  • Federal law requires that we share with you the qualifications of teachers in Union Grove Elementary School. There are questions you may ask, including:

    • Is my child's teacher licensed to teach the grades or subjects assigned?
    • Has the state waived any requirements for my child's teacher?
    • What was the college major of my child's teacher?
    • What degrees does my child's teacher hold?
    • Are there instructional aides working with my child? If so, what are their qualifications?

     All teachers have at least a bachelor's degree in Union Grove Elementary School and 50% have advanced degrees. In addition all of the teachers in Union Grove Elementary School are fully licensed for their assignment. If you want to see the state qualification for your child's teacher you may ask us or find it on the DPI website listed below. 

    In addition, we have a number of instructional aides, and they all are considered qualified for this work. If you would like more information about this information please feel free to call the district administrator at  262-878-2015.