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    On self-directed learning days, students make time on a “snow day” or within seven days of canceled school to complete at least three engaging, self-directed, open-ended learning activities. Links to the activities can be accessed below as well as a link for frequently asked questions. Students should submit evidence of their work completion to their homeroom teacher via e-mail or by turning in the learning day activity choice board, comprised of selected learning opportunities, along with any work that is completed. Students who do not submit evidence of completed activities within seven days are marked absent, but our goal is for 100% participation. For some activities, evidence of learning includes circling the activity to verify and acknowledge the activity was completed. Other evidence may include a photograph of the student completing the work, a picture of a finished product, or the actual work itself handed in to the homeroom teacher.

    Utilizing self-directed learning days for school cancellation allows staff and students to bridge learning during the school year rather than add an extra day at the end of school year.


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