District Mission Statement

  • The mission of Union Grove Elementary School is to provide a positive educational environment while embracing diversity and enabling all students to reach their highest potential with the cooperation of parents and the community.

    Early Childhood - Through collaboration with families and the community we will foster growth for both our children with special needs as well as their typically developing peers through developmentally appropriate practice and play opportunities.

    4K- Our mission is to foster each child's growth academically, emotionally and socially through positive developmentally appropriate practice and play.

    Kindergarten - Our mission is to provide a positive, enthusiastic learning environment in which our students learn compassion, respect, and cooperation through exploration.

    First Grade - Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and motivate all first grade students to be helpful, open-minded, and enthusiastic learners.

    Second Grade - Our mission is to educate, motivate, and communicate life-long skills through mutual respect and compassion for all students. 

    Third Grade - Our mission is to appreciate, inspire and engage students so that they will demonstrate respect for themselves, others, and their environment in order to reach their highest potential.

    Fourth Grade - Our mission is to inspire, respect, and communicate determination to nurture enthusiastic, trustworthy citizens.

    Fifth Grade - Our mission is to provide students with a safe and engaging environment for inquiry and discovery.

    Sixth Grade - Our mission is to provide a meaningful education that addresses students' unique learning styles and cultivates independent thought through a safe, supportive, and challenging environment.

    Seventh & Eighth Grade - Our mission is to educate, prepare and empower life long learners.

    Special Education - Our mission is to educate, prepare, and equip students with the necessary tools to help overcome or compensate for their disabilities in order to experience present and future success.

    Music Department - Our mission is to develop and encourage the aesthetic, cultural and cognitive processes necessary to further music appreciation with students who will become lifetime music performers and/or consumers.

    Art Department - Our mission is to educate, direct and develop a positive approach to the creative process, to include both the making of and the understanding or appreciation of art.

    Counseling Department - Our mission is to inspire students through motivation while brightening their everyday lives and supporting them through their many challenges, so that they may achieve their personal/social, educational and career goals.

    Administrative Staff - Our mission is to motivate, facilitate and support the efforts made by professional and para-professional staff to assist students in realizing their highest potential.

    Gifted and Talented Department - Our mission is to provide, develop and foster educational opportunities for children.

    Library Department - Our mission is to create, motivate, and support independent learning to enjoyably social students.

    Technology Department - Our mission is to promote relevant technology experiences for students.

    Title 1/Reading - My mission is to be a reading advocate.  As a reading advocate I aspire to motivate, assess, instruct, communicate, and share knowledge with students, parents, and colleagues so that all students have the opportunity to be confident and successful readers and writers.