• Welcome to the PTO!


    Union Grove Elementary School PTO is a strong leadership organization and continues to increase its numbers. The Union Grove Elementary School PTO has been actively involved over the years in an attempt to support and enhance both educational and recreational programming for students and staff at Union Grove Elementary School.  The PTO has been responsible for enhancing a number of educational endeavors by purchasing Smart Boards for all the classrooms as well as different technologies, learning tools, books and other supplies for individual classrooms.  We resently were able to purchase the new electronic sign at the main entrance of the school. This sign was able to be purchased with funds raised by the PTO. PTO’s support includes : The Pony Run/Walk, Color-A-Thon, Family Fun Night, Dining Out Nights, Family Skate Night and other events for the families of the district and the wider community.  PTO also supports various special days and projects throughout the school year including Teacher Appreciation Day, Grandparents Day, Scholastic Book Fairs, the 8th Grade Graduation Dance, individual speakers, educational programs and materials/supplies for staff just to name a few.  Our main fundraiser continues to be our cash raffle held in October.


    Thank-you for volunteering your time to help your child/ren and all our students have an enhanced education.  We know your time is valuable and we want to give you some tips on how you can be a productive member of the PTO.


    We believe it isn’t just about helping out in our own child or children’s classrooms.  It isn’t only about building a good relationship with our child’s teacher for the current school year.  It isn’t just about going on field trips as a chaperone or helping in the classroom during a party.  We believe it is about helping ALL of the children at UGES and what will benefit the students as a whole.  It is about building good relations with ALL faculty and support staff.  Not just the teachers and the Principal; but the aides and special’s teachers; from the custodial staff to the front office secretaries; from the school nurse to the lunch room/kitchen staff.  It is about building good relations with other parents as well.  It is about donating your creativity and a little bit of personal time to assist with various events held at the school, both during the day and in the evening.


    If every parent and teacher would consider donating just 2 hours of their time for any event of their choosing over the course of the school year, we could accomplish so much more! We understand that everyone can’t be involved in every activity but we want everyone to remember that every little bit helps!!!


    There are so many ways parents and teachers can be involved:

    • Becoming a PTO member. (This means you commit to 1 meeting a month held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for the school year.)
    • Volunteering to help at an event.
    • Sitting at a table for PTO at Open House.
    • Baking a baked good for the Bake Sale.
    • Signing up to help sell basket/cash raffle tickets.
    • You could also chair an event if you fall in love with the event.
    • Sitting at a table during book fair ringing up sales.
    • Writing down wish lists for the younger children at the book fair walk through.
    • Help the PTO serve the staff at our Teacher/Staff Appreciation luncheon.
    • Covering a recess period during the Teacher Appreciation luncheon.
    • Bringing new ideas for fundraisers.
    • Help make copies of fliers for the events and counting them out to be distributed to homerooms.


    There is always a way to offer support and to help us make each year as successful and fun for the children as we can.  We do a lot of events during the year, so it will be easy to work around your schedule. See our Yearly Calendar for a list of these events. There are even ways to give support from home such as by selling your raffle tickets orclipping box tops and gluing them onto box top sheets.


    We have over 800+ students at our school and we parents of the PTO do our best to benefit them all in any way we can.  This is so our children, all of our children, can have the best possible experiences and opportunities available.


    We look forward to meeting and working with you! 



    Email us anytime with your ideas or concerns