Mrs. Marshall - 7th and 8th Grade Science

  • Parents and Students,

    Beginning this year, students will be introduced to a new, online science program, Houghton Mifflin Science Dimensions. Textbooks will not be checked out to students this year.

    7th Grade

    Students will begin with a Physical Science unit that focuses on forces and motion.  We will investigate laws of motion through various experimental activities and use basic engineering and technology skills to design and evaluate a transportation safety component.

    8th Grade

    Students will begin a Life Science unit that will focus on Earth's ecosystems, populations/growth, food webs, adaptations, genetics, and natural selection. We will create and maintain habitats for live organisms and use computer simulations to learn more about population growth and genetic variations. Students with be given opportunities to complete investigations in an outdoor setting as well.


    If you have any questions about our units or topics of study, please do not hesitate to contact me. You may use this web site to check daily homework assignments and classroom news.


    EXTRA CREDIT:  Students may earn extra credit points by completing a research assignment related to our current topic of study, and presenting the information in class.  Extra Credit Research Worksheets are available in class.  You may download/print an extra credit from this web site.


    Scholastic Book Clubs

    Scholastic book orders will be available in science classes each month.    Accelerated Reader points are listed with book descriptions when available.

    Online Order Code:  DZ9B4


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