Classroom News

  • Welcome to 6th grade! I am very excited about teaching math to all sixth graders this year. Students will have three teachers for their core subjects. Mr. Cleven will be teaching Science and Social Studies and Mrs. Ketter will be teaching Language Arts.  We also have a class called PIE time.  This is a time in which students will receive extra support in either math or language arts.  PIE time occurs four times a week.

    One of my responsibilities as a teacher is to assist my students with a growing independence of learning and organization. I strongly encourage my students to adopt a strong sense of personal responsibility. To accomplish this, I have developed some procedures in my classroom that will help all students grow in their responsibility for learning. 

    Homework Policy - Late assignments will not be accepted. All assigned work is to be completed and turned in on the due date. Assignments will be graded as is, which means whatever is incomplete will be marked wrong. (Work missed due to illness will follow the guidelines listed in the student handbook.)

    Corrections (math only) - If students receive a grade on a completed assignment at 60% or lower, they have the option to correct it. The highest score they will receive on the corrected assignment is an 80%. When correcting, students must only do the problems that they missed and staple their corrections to the top of the original assignment. All corrections will be due on the day that they are tested over the material. It is the students' responsibility to decide if they are going to make corrections, but I am available for help if needed. 

    Extra Credit  

    Students may have the opportunity for extra credit problems, or activities throughout the school year. 


    1. EVERYTHING is done in pencil - notes and assignments.   If an assignment is done
    in pen, the student will receive a zero on the assignment without an opportunity to correct it.
    2. Have all materials with you before entering class. (Students will not be allowed to go back to their locker to get something they forget, including their assignment.)
    3. Be in your assigned seat ready to work at the beginning of class.
    4. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    5. Complete all assignments on time.
    6. Absolutely no put downs of any kind will be tolerated.

    Family Access - This is an easy way for you to monitor your child's grades on a regular basis. It will give you access to the grades that I post daily. If you do not have access already and are interested, please let me know.

    Communication is the key to a successful learning environment, so I encourage both you and your child to ask questions. There are several ways to contact me. First, you can email me at You may also contact me at school at 878-2015 ext. 1021, or leave a message in the office.

    I am sure that your child will have an enjoyable and rewarding year in sixth grade. I look forward to working with you and your child in achieving this goal.