• Reading is extremely vital to the success of every child.  In order for children to become better readers they must READ! Please set aside 20-30 minutes each night for reading.  Read to your child, have your child read to you, or have your child read to a sibling.  It doesn't matter how they go about reading as long as they are reading!

    Sixth Grade AR Point Requirements-

    All sixth graders are required to earn 15 AR points each quarter.  AR points will be entered in as a 30 point assignment at the end of each quarter.  For example, if a student earns 15/15 AR points they will receive 30/30 points.   If a student earns 10 AR points, they will receive 20/30 points, and so on. Students are encouraged to have an AR book with them in all classes throughout the day.  AR tests can be taken during classroom work time or during study hall.

    Note: Students are also required to earn AR points for library/computers as well.  Points earned can be used to meet the requirement for both classes.  Please keep in mind that the deadline for reading/English class may be different from that of library/computer class.

    1st Quarter AR Point Deadline- 

    2nd Quarter AR Point Deadline- 

    3rd Quarter AR Point Deadline- 

    4th Quarter AR Point Deadline- 

    As a reading teacher I understand the importance of reading.  One of the biggest struggles with middle school readers is getting them interested in reading. That being said, I encourage my reading students to read anything they are interested in, even if it is not an "AR," book, this includes but is not limited to newspapers, magazines, comic books, or any other book that may not make the AR list. If this may be the case for your student, simply have them bring in what they have read or want to read.  Once they are done I will ask for a brief summary of the book and points will be added accordingly.

    AR Book Finder-  If you or your child are wondering if a book is AR or how many AR points a book is worth, simply click the following link.


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