• Expert 21 Reading Curriculum        


    Expert 21 is a comprehensive English Language Arts curriculum that prepares students for the literacy demands of the 21st Century through a powerful combination of explicit instruction, inquiry-based learning, contemporary and relevant literature and informational texts, real-world writing and projects, and supportive technology. (Expert 21 Website)


    Expert Space is an online component to our Expert 21 curriculum.  Expert Space is a digital curriculum toolkit for students who are currently using the Expert 21 reading series in the classroom.   Expert Space provides great resources for students at all reading levels.  Scholastic’s Expert Space not only allows students to view the readings that we read in class, but it allows students to choose supplemental text that they may be interested in. For those students who are anxious to delve deeper into a topic, links are provided to resources such as articles, videos, images, sideshows, time lines, and Web links. The links are arranged to help students find the most appropriate material.

     I encourage you to encourage your child to navigate around Expert Space to learn more about topics they may be interested in.  Every text found on Expert Space can also be listened to by simply clicking the read-aloud option at the top of the page.  An online dictionary/thesaurus is also available with a click of the mouse.  Encourage your student to explore Expert Space on their own.  All students have their user name and password taped inside the front cover of their assignment notebook.   It is my hope that with these options, all students will be able to become content experts.

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the login process for Expert Space.


    Click here to open the student login page: