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    Mrs. Amy Ketter

    Union Grove Elementary School

    6th Grade- Language Arts/ Science



    If you would like information on Mr. Cleven's classes please click on the following link: /webpages/jcleven/


    6th Grade Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to provide a meaningful education that addresses students' unique learning styles and cultivates independent thought through a safe, supportive, and challenging environment.

    6th Grade Homework Policy:

    Late assignments will not be accepted.  All assigned work is to be completed and turned in on the due date.  Assignments will be graded "as is", which means whatever is incomplete will be marked wrong.

    (Work missed due to illness will follow the student handbook.)

    6th Grade Expectations:

    • Students are expected to complete all homework on time.
    • Carry and use their assignment notebook.
    • Be in their assigned seat/area ready to work at the beginning of class.
    • Bring papers, pencils, and all needed supplies to class.
    • Keep hands, feet, books, and other objects to themselves.
    • Absolutely no bullying, teasing, or "put downs" of any kind will be tolerated.



    Grading Scale

      99 – 100 _____________A+

    93 – 98 ______________A

     90 – 92 ______________A-

      87 – 89 ______________B+

    83 – 86 ______________B

     80 – 82 ______________B-

      77 – 79 ______________C+

    73 – 76 ______________C

     70 – 72 ______________C-

      67 – 69 ______________D+

     63 – 66 ______________D

      60 – 62 ______________D-

    59 and less  ___________F

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