Student Intervention Team Process

  • Take a look at this RtI meeting! Enjoy!

    Thinking about starting an IT form for a student? 

    Check out these resources.

    First, look at the flow chart that fits the situation.  Is it a teacher concern, a behavior issue or a parent referral?  Check pp. 7,9 or 11 in our RtI Handbook.   Complete the steps and start an 
    IT Form (Feb. 2015). You can download these forms at the bottom of this page also.  Be sure you document the data that you are accumulating.  If you and your team do not see progress it is time to call an IT meeting.
    Second, get all your information ready and contact the RtI FacilitatorTogether the teacher and the facilitator will determine who should attend the IT Meeting.

    Finally, the IT meeting will be held.  Please bring all your information to this meeting.  Include things like grade reports, test scores, notes, intervention data and graphs.  You will continue to follow the procedure on the Flowchart and you will also use the document called "Decision Rules" (p. 54 in the RtI Handbook) to determine further steps in the RtI Process.

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