Accomodation Forms

  • Accommodation forms are a plan for teachers to use the following year to encourage student success.  Complete one for each student that has had an IT meeting this year and has accommodations, modifications and/or interventions that are working. You will meet with the next year’s teachers during our beginning of the year in-service and go over the plan. 

    Use the form that best fits the situation and/or your learning style.  Please have this form filled out before the end of this year.

    Accommodation Website Ideas:
    OCD Education Station  Look for ideas to help with these types of behaviors:   

    • Difficulty with fears of contamination related to normal classroom activities that involve sharing objects, passing items from  student to student, and touching surfaces; may involve washing or other contamination rituals ; 
    • Difficulty with concentrating or focusing on what is being said; 
    • Difficulty or slowness with writing, because student must write letters, numbers, words, or sentences over and over; everything has to be "just right" or "just so" (perfectionistic tendencies); revising work multiple times. Extreme fatigue may result from staying up late repeatedly writing and rewriting assignments); 
    • Difficulty with reading (e.g., student may need to reread a sentence until it feels "just right"; may need to count how many lowercase "a's" are in a sentence, etc.); Difficulty with organization (e.g., organizing materials, time)
    • Difficulty with longer assignments/long term projects (student may procrastinate because work has to be done "perfectly"); student has difficulty making decisions (e.g., fears making "wrong" decision)
    • Difficulty with note-taking
    • Difficulty with studying (including studying for tests)
    • Difficulty with checking and rechecking due to obsessive doubting; repetitive checking to see that all assignments have been completed correctly or "just right"; checking to be certain that all the necessary books and school materials (pens, pencils, assignment sheets, etc.) are in the book bag, desk, or locker and/or organized properly
    • Difficulty with reassurance-seeking; asking questions repeatedly; asking the teacher to confirm that the student understands the assignment or has completed an assignment correctly
    • Difficulty with test taking
    • Difficulty making decisions

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