Differentiation Ideas

  • Strategies for Differentiation include:

    Tiered Assignments: A differentiated instructional strategy in which all students work toward the same goal, but activities are geared toward each student’s level of understanding.

    Compacting  The process of modifying or stream-lining the regular curriculum in order to eliminate repetition of previously mastered material and to provide time for appropriate enrichment and/or acceleration activities while ensuring mastery of basic skills.

    Learning Centers or Interest Groups

    Flexible Grouping:  Grouping students together within a classroom or between classrooms in order to provide instruction or activities at an appropriate level for the students’ talent areas. Groupings may be short-term or long-term and will change depending on the educational needs of the students.

    Learning Contracts

    Choice Boards (Use Bloom's Taxonomy, Gardiner's Intelligences, Learning Style/Modality, 21st Century Learning, etc.)

    Independent Study A programming option that allows a student or small group
    of students to pursue an area of interest related to a specific curricular area or an
    individual area of interest.

    Other strategy or ideas to look into include:

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