Art, Drama or Music

  • Artistic(Visual/Performing Arts) Art, Drama, Music
    • communicates their vision in visual/performing arts 
    • unusual ability for aesthetic expression 
    • compelled to perform/produce 
    • exhibits creative expression 
    • desire for creating original product 
    • keenly observant 
    • continues experimentation with preferred medium 
    • excels in demonstrating the visual/performing arts 

    Universal Level (Tier 1):

    • Research artist of personal interest
    • Summer programs
    • Visits from local artists
    • Utilize a variety of media for self-expression
    • Student-selected original artwork for display
    • Visit art galleries, museums or artist's studios
    • Exposure to professional art activities and events
    • Develop content area connections through the study of visual arts

    Selected Level (Tier 2):

    • Southern Lakes Anthology
    • Visual Art careers
    • Private lessons in the visual arts
    • Mentor
    • Activities in critical and creative thinking
    • Small group projects/presentations
      • Build a Prezi Ideas matter! Have your students develop a prezi to organize, present and share ideas. Create an interactive presentation.
      • - Create an online Timeline
      • -Create online diagrams
      • - Create an online slideshow
      • ToonDoo The world's fastest way to build a cartoon. Unique way to make a different kind of presentation.

    Targeted Level (Tier 3):

    • Public recitals
    • Writes music
    • Professional workshops
    • Advanced private lessons
    • Protégé with music professionals
    • Studio classes

    Other Art Activities


     Math Cats K-6 Math and Art combined.

    Cartoonster K-12 Learn how to create your own cartoons

    Make a Flake K-12 Make your own on-line snowflake. Pretty basic, but it just makes me happy.

    Sketch-up K-12 Download this google software to create your own 3d drawings.

    Filmmaker Create your own movie

    PaperToys Print-out, cut-out, and fold paper models.

    Art Mystery History 4-8 Combines a solvable mystery with art history as a theme.

    Crayola on-line K-5 Lots of different activities organized by grade level and interest. As you may guess, students get to color.

    Rube Goldberg creations- Instructions and examples of these crazy inventions.

    U.S. patent Office Search for patents plus on-line activities to generate ideas for new inventions.

    Sanford ArtEdventures K-12 Variety of on-line activities to learn more about art and the opportunity to create your own.

    Albright-Knox Artgames Art appreciation games and activities to make art online. Lots of fun. You will want to try them all.

    Artist's Toolkit - Minneapolis Institute of Arts Fun interactive - sound effects, too. Learn all about the elements and principles (art vocabulary - perspective drawing) in fun ways using works of art from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Make you own art, too. Great fun on a rainy day!

    Destination Modern Art - Blast off to the Museum of Modern Art in Queens. Activities are all designed for elementary (ages 5 to 8). Even older students will enjoy this quick overview of some of our favorite artists (Van Gogh, Bearden, Kahlo - more).

    Kids Art Top Ten Museums Visit an art museum on the Internet. KidsArt brings you links to our favorite children's web presentations from museums around the U.S.

    Smithsonian for Kids - Explore the playful side of the Smithsonian Museums. There are highlights of different areas and fun on-line stuff for kids and kids at heart. Fun activities - like Make a Sculpture

    ArtPad is a very cool flash-based paint program from Have fun creating art!

    Etch-a-sketch- Online A touch of nostalgia for mom and dad, too.

    Mark Kistler's Imagination Station! The most popular learn to draw in 3-D site on the planet.

    Switch Zoo Switch the animals' heads, legs, and tails to make new creatures

    at this surrealistic virtual zoo. Thousands of combinations are possible!
    New animals monthly.

    YouDraw For children and adults. The aim of this website is to show what 6 billion people look like by producing 12,000 copies of a book of 500,000 human figures drawn by visitors to the site.

    Kids Art : Worldwide Art Gallery  The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery celebrates  the boundless expression and imagination of children. This site invites children from all corners of the globe to submit their art for display. Poetry and short stories are also accepted.


    Finale Notepad- Download and Install this free software that allows you to write your own music.

    San Francisco Symphony Kid's Site K-5 Lots of ways to please the music lover.

     Young Composers Kids send musical compositions to this site and can listen to the compositions. Selections of famous composers available, too.