Summative Assessment

  • Summative Assessment

    Purpose: to monitor national, state, district, and school progress over time.

    Characteristics: standardized administration annually; data is best used at the aggregate level for accountability rather than at the student level, as data is general not speci?c.

    The goal of summative assessment is to measure the level of success or proficiency that has been obtained at the end of an instructional unit, by comparing it against some standard or benchmark.


    • Assigning a grade to a final exam
    • Critique of a Senior recital
    • University Faculty Course Evaluations

    The outcome of a summative assessment can be used formatively, however, when students or faculty take the results and use them to guide their efforts and activities in subsequent courses.

    Are there any gaps in our district’s curriculum and instruction?

    How does the achievement of districts and schools compare to one another?

    How do achievement levels compare over time?