• ensures the ongoing sustainability of a Response to Intervention System.  Clink on the links to the left to learn about these elements of RtI at Union Grove.
    Collaboration Group discussion might use the DuFour Model of Four Questions:
    • 1. What do we want students to know? (Need: Clear learning targets based on Common Core Standards and grade level benchmarks)

      2. How do we know if they have learned it? (Need: Balanced assessment system to review Formative and Summative Assessment data to determine who has learned it and who has not.)

      3. What do we do if they have? (Need: Enrichment activities such as Differentiation in the classroom, Tiered assignment and extension activities)

      4. What do we do if they haven’t? (Need: Intervention strategies like Tier 2 Interventions, Problem Solving Teams, Personalized Learning Plans)