• Science

    Universal Level (Tier 1):
    • FOSS (Full Option Science System)
    • Real world products
    • Science Fair
    • WebQuest projects
    • Small group projects/presentations
      • Build a Prezi 
      • Ideas matter! Have your students develop a prezi to organize, present and share ideas.
      • ToonDoo 
      • The world's fastest way to build a cartoon. Unique way to make a different kind of presentation.

    Selected Level (Tier 2):

    Targeted Level (Tier 3):
    • Advanced sections of science
    • Distance Learning
    • Independent Studies
    Other Science Activity Links
    How stuff works? Kids always stump me with their curiosity. So, I send them here to find answers to their questions.  K-12 All sorts of neat science on-live activities and interactive learning divided by grade level. K-12 A comprehensive list of science activities.
    BBC K-5 Interactive website that also has math and reading activities as well.
    Alice 5-12 Free educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3d environment.
    PBS Design Squad K-8 Build projects based on the great PBS show.
    Kids' Design Network K-8 you'll investigate a challenge, dream up a design, and draw your plans on the computer. Then, using the Internet, you can show your design to a real engineer!
    Windows to the Universe -- Activities K-8 Well done website regarding space, the earth and more.
    Cool Science for Curious Kids K-12 If you have a budding scientist. You will want them to see this website.