• Reading Extentions

    Universal  Level (Tier 1):
    • Accelerated Reader
    • Lexile K-12 A fantastic way to find books at your reading level.
    • Career education
    • Literature Circles
    • Accelerated Instruction
    • Differentiated Writing Prompts
    • Pre-assessment of Language arts skills
    • Literature at advanced instructional levels
      • Reading Olympics (Click the link below for the Reading Olympics document.)
      • Guided Reading Carousel (Click on the link below for the document.)
      • Literature Circle Printable Cards
      • Book Club
    • Early instruction in research, presentation and study skills
    • Submit work for real-world publications
    • Navigator Units from William & Mary College
    • Study of interdisciplinary themes, concepts, multicultural and global issues
    Selected Level (Tier 2):
    • Reading: Interactive Games from Linn-Mar Westfield Elementary
    • Newsela - Up to date current events for nonfiction readers
    • Foreign Languages - Study some root words "Latin for Kids"
    • Junior Great Books (We do not own this program.)
    • English Festival (Gr. 7-8)
    • Philosophy for children
    • Battle of the Books
    • Advanced course work
    • College of William and Mary Units
    • Early entrance to AP
    • Online advanced courses (Aleks)
    • Competitions in writing, speech, drama
    • National History Day
    • ACT, SAT and Explore Tests (NUMATS)
    • Small group programs/presentations 
      • Build a Prezi Ideas matter! Have your students develop a prezi to organize, present and share ideas. Create an interactive presentation.
      • - Create an online Timeline
      • -Create online diagrams
      • - Create an online slideshow
      • ToonDoo The world's fastest way to build a cartoon. Unique way to make a different kind of presentation.

    Targeted Level (Tier 3):

    • Publishing work

    Other Reading Activities

    Readers Theatre 2-9 This website is a great resource for scripts, and how to do them effectively.

    Scholastic K-12 Neat interactive activities that are sortable by grade level. K-12 A comprehensive list of reading activities.

    Spelling City K-8 An on-line interactive spelling system that allows you to create your own word lists.

    Assorted Word Games, Puzzles 3-12Title says it all, lots of puzzles.

    Online Crossword Puzzles - 3-12 Not only crossword puzzles, but many language challenges.

    Word Games  K-8 Original word games. I enjoy the "build your own dictionary activity"

    Language Across Borders - Interactive  3-12 Multi-lingual stories that are based on that old campfire game where you continue a story where someone else left off. This site is unmoderated.

    Interactive Poetry Site  3-12 Same concept at language across borders except with poetry.

    Newslink -- newspapers/radio/tv 2-12 Find any on-line newspaper.

    Literature Trivia Links 2-12 All sorts of trivia sites based on literature.

    Reading Metasite 2-12 Website that searches the internet for you and gives you up-to-date articles on current topics, trivia, and all sorts of interesting items.

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