Team of Specialists

Team of Specialists


Sheri LaDow               School Psychologist                                 Ext 2064

Carolyn Heifner          School Social Worker                                Ext 2066

Linda Rasmussen        UGES School Nurse                                Ext 2021 or  (262) 210-6186


Mari Anne Squires      Speech and Language                               Ext 1120

Alison Nielsen             Speech and Language                               Ext 1120

Holly Corso                 Reading Teacher                                         Ext 1121

Kathy Anderson        Gifted and Talented Coordinator            Ext 1135

Patti Mork                  School Counselor KG – 4th                      Ext 2006        

Erin Weber                 School Counselor 5th – 8th                      Ext 1020                                


Carol Harry                 Early Childhood Special Ed Teacher            Ext 1105

Erin Martini                1-2 Special Ed Teacher (SLD/EBD)              Ext 1106                     

Ciborowski, Amy              3/4 Special Ed Teacher                          Ext 1128

Danielle Hawkins        5 Special Ed Teacher (SLD/EBD)                 Ext 1037

Amanda Effinger        6 Special Ed Teacher (SLD/EBD)                Ext 1038

Shane Peirce              7/8 Special Ed Teacher (SLD/EBD)               Ext 1010

Scott Kasprowicz         7/8 Special Ed Teacher                               Ext. 1029

Peggy Tiedeman        4 – 8 Special Ed Teacher (CD/OHI)              Ext 1122


SLD – Specific Learning Disablility

EBD – Emotional/Behavioral Disability

CD – Cognitive Disability

OHI – Other Health Impairment

A - Autism


Kristin Fields                Physical Therapist (PT)                                  Ext 2063

Lynn Guy                    Occupational Therapist (OT)                          Ext 1123

Mary Haase    Occupational Therapist (OT)                          Ext 2065

Becky Cauffman        Visual Impairment (VI) Teacher                      Ext. 1110

Diane Conrad              Teacher of Hearing Impaired    Ext. 1110

Toni Bergeron             Interpreter`   Ext. 1107/1131

Erin Henze                  Specially Designed Phy Ed (SDPE)              Ext 2063


Brenda Stevenson  Superintendent   Ext. 2005

Tom Johnson           Principal                                                         Ext 2001

Sloan Allen                Assistant Principal                                       Ext 2010

Cyndi Tomich            Director of Special Education                     Ext 2061

Sally Hagemann         Program Support Teacher                              Ext 2067