Culturally Responsive Practices

  •  are Core to the way RtI works.

    Culturally responsive practices account for and adapt to the broad diversity of race, language and culture in Wisconsin schools and prepare all students for a multicultural world. Within Wisconsin’s vision for RtI, culturally responsive practices are evident in and infused throughout all levels of each of the three essential elements.

    Specifically, there are three reasons RtI in Wisconsin is centered on culturally responsive practices:

    1. Wisconsin students are increasingly diverse. Our curriculum, instruction, and supports must reflect this diversity and be intentionally inclusive of the many cultures in our communities. 
    2. Culturally responsive practices make a difference. In Wisconsin, school districts have changed race-based patterns of success and failure through attention and intention. 
    3. RtI is a systems change model, and to implement RtI without continual reflection on who is academically and behaviorally successful (and who is not) will not lead to systems change. It is critical to examine Universal practices, and to monitor who is successful with and without interventions/additional challenges, and which interventions/additional challenges are more successful with various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups.

    Teaching Tolerance   The site promises to awaken Americans to the problems of hate and intolerance, prompt them to action, and encourage them to dig deeper into themselves.

    BaFa BaFa This is a simulation game that divides students into two fundamentally differing cultures, Alpha and Beta. Members of each culture are exchanged on a "tourist-like" basis for very brief periods of time. As participants are forbidden to explain the rules of their culture to members of the other culture, understanding comes from observation and trial and error participation.

    Concept mapping can affect diverse learners' achievement by as much as 49 percentile points (Darling, 1999)
    Ways to use Concept Mapping:
    Differentiation Strategies
    Are You Culturally Responsive? A Checklist   A wonderful evaluation tool

    Chimamanda Adichie:  The Danger of a Single Story  This is a TED speech that is a young writer and how she learned to tell her story.

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