• Ideas for Math Challenges



    -    Independent and/or flexible thinker

    -    Exhibits original thinking

    -    Understands numbers

    -    Possesses a keen sense of numbers

    -    Creates and invents ways to use numbers

    -    Learns math concepts and processes

    -    Improvises and sees unique possibilities

    -    Risk taker

    -    Resists conformity

    -    Recognizes critical elements

    Resource:  Quantiles are ways to measure math readiness the way lexiles measure reading levels.

    Universal Level (Tier 1):

    • Math Projects
    • Math Journals
    • Problem-based learning
    • Multiple Levels of Instruction dependent on pre-assessment
    • Webquests and other technology including spreadsheets, databases, graphic and scientific calculators
      • Sheppard Software
        Games for all math topics.  Great resource to enrich students as well as review skills during centers time.
      • Math Playground
        Welcome to Math Playground, an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students.  Play a math game, solve a logic puzzle and have some fun.
      • Science Buddies
        Click on the Project Ideas tab and go to the Math and Computer Science Section.
      • Math Goodies Webquest
      • Calculation Nation  Sign on and get yourself a username.  It's free.  The games of Calculation Nation® are organized around content from the upper elementary and middle grades math curriculum. By becoming a citizen of Calculation Nation®, your child or student will play online math strategy games that allow them to learn about fractions, factors, multiples, symmetry and more, as well as practice important skills like basic multiplication and calculating area — all while having fun.
      • Build a Prezi  Ideas matter! Have your students develop a prezi to organize, present and share ideas.
      • ToonDoo  The world's fastest way to build a cartoon. Unique way to make a different kind of presentation.
    • Differentiated strategies
    Selected Level (Tier 2):
    • Math Interactive Games Websites Listed by RIT Score
    • A+ Click -Math and Logic Problems for all grade levels
    • Illuminations - Resources for teaching Math
    • Math Clubs
    • Competitions
      • Math Olympiad
        Math competition for middle school students.  Resources for math teams and clubs.
      • Math Meet  Math competition sponsored by Whitewater TAG Network.
    • Specialized math curriculum
      • Origo Think Tank Series  Think Tank Series materials must be ordered in bundles of 10 but will challenge students to use a variety of problem solving strategies.
      • Math Forum Check out this Table of Contents for Math Extra Challenges
      • M3 Math Units These are great, but need a lot of teacher direction.
    • Advanced Programs
    • Online Classes
      • IXL
        It's easy to find the right skills to practice.  All IXL games are aligned to Common Core State Standards.  IXL assesses your students performance on each skill instantly. Click on your standard to view skills and start practicing.
    • Early Entrance to courses
    Targeted Level (Tier 3):
    • Radical acceleration
      • Kahn Academy
        Check out this library of over 3000 videos to explain anything from arithmetic to physics.
      • Aleks  K-12

          ALEKS is a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know in a course. ALEKS then instructs the student on the topics she is most ready to learn.  There is a free trial available.
    • Authentic work production
    • Early Entrance to a class (ie.  Algebra in Gr. 6)

    Other Ideas:  
    Math Activities
    Link Lists
    King's list of Math Activities  Huge list of math activities. Contains some problem-solving, but focuses more on skill development practice.

    Math activities that focus on problem-solving              

    All ages

    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

    K-12 The problems are divided into the 5 mathematical strands. A variety of activities to choose from.

    Figure This! Math Challenges for Families K-12. Real-life math problems that the family can solve together. Supported by the National Council of Mathematics. K-12 A comprehensive list of math activities.

    Math Project List K-12 list of student projects.



    Aunty Math

    K-5 Real world math challenges provided that have 2 levels of difficulty to them.

    Math Maven

    K-5 Math mysteries that require logical thinking

    Math Stars Problem-Solving Newsletter 1-8 Periodic newsletter with some interesting problems.

    Math Doodles K-5 Fun little games that challenge thinking.

    Primary Games K-4 Lots of fun math games that kids will enjoy... adults too!

    Math Playground K-5 You can spend hours with the variety of math activities on this site.

    Mathzone K-5 Tons of games organized by subject.

    Middle School/High School
    Open-ended math problems 
    6-8 The problems are divided into 5 mathematical strands, which makes it easy to search for an exact type of problem that you are looking for.
    The Math Problem Site
    3-12 Interesting math puzzles that seem easy, but can be quite tricky.
    Enriching Mathematics

    6-12 A batch of great math puzzles that will drive you crazy.

    Word Problems for Kids 5-12 Nice selection of word problems broken down by grade. Hint and solutions provided.

    Math Challenges 7-12 Math problems organizaed by difficulty.

    BBC Education 5-8 Visually attractive math challenges for the Middle School student.

    Curious Math 5-12 Neat math tricks and oddities.

    Math Bank Robbery 5-8  Entertaining mystery that uses math.

    Nick's math problems 8-12 Good luck with these!

    On-line Math Curriculum

    First in Math  2-8  This services touts itself as "the foremost online math resource for grades 2 to 8 and beyond! The First In Math® Online Program is a proven curriculum supplement that solidifies basic mathematics skills, and can significantly improve test scores." There is a small cost to the service, but looks to provide a ready to use curriculum.


    Math Rules! for 1st & 2nd by Barbara VandeCreek
    Math Rules! for 3rd & 4th by Barbara VandeCreek
    Dandylion Press - Math Extension Units - gr.2 & 3, 4 & 5, 5-7
    Dandylion Pres - Enrichment Units Math - gr. 2 & 3, 4 & 5, 5-7
    Educational Impressions - Math Clues (bks 1-4) gr. 3-4
    Challenge Math - by Edward Zaccaro - gr. 4-5
    Educational Impressions - Tall-Tale Math (bks 1-4) gr. 5-8
    Math Detictive books by Terri Husted A1- gr. 5-6
    Multicultural Mathematics by Claudia Zaslavsky

    25 Real Life Math Investigations That Will Astound Teachers and Students

    Becoming A Problem Solving Genius