Lunch Club

  • Who:  Any 3rd or 4th Grade Student

    What:  LUNCH CLUB

    Where: 3rd or 4th Grade Classroom

    When:  Every Other Friday


    *Are you having friendship troubles or problems getting along with   others?

    *Do you want to talk with other kids who may be feeling like you? 

    *Do you want to learn ways to handle these issues & get support from other kids?

    *Do you want to discuss making and strengthening friendships?

    *Do you want to help others with friendship issues and make new friends?


    If you said yes, then fill out a lunch club slip from your classroom and turn it in to Mrs. Mork’s mailbox by Thursday at 3:00.  Filling out a request does not guarantee a spot at lunch club.  Students will bring their lunch to a 3rd or 4th grade classroom, eat lunch and talk together.  Lunch club list will be posted on Friday morning.  Lunch club is limited to 18 students. 


    Mrs. Mork will run the group and will dismiss students to return their lunch trays when lunch club is finished.