Lunch Club

  • **Special Bulletin**


    Who:  Any 5th or 6th Grade Student

    What:  LUNCH CLUB

    Where:  Middle School Guidance Office

    When:  Once a month


    *Are you having friendship troubles? 

    *Are you having problems getting along with your peers?

    *Do you want to talk with other kids who may be feeling like


    *Do you want to learn ways to handle these issues and get  

      support from other kids?

    *Do you want to discuss making and strengthening  



    If you said yes, then sign up on the Lunch Club Sign-up sheet posted outside Mrs. Weber’s office (students must sign up each time they are going to attend).  Any student that signs up is welcome to join the group for that day.  Students must report on their own to the guidance office at the beginning of recess/lunch and bring their lunches with them; you will eat lunch and talk together. 


    Mrs. Weber will run the group and will dismiss students when they are finished.  Students will not be able to go back for seconds, if they are in lunch club.