Grade Checks

  • Every Wednesday a grade check will be done with the students in my advisory.  They will receive a written copy of their grades.  Each student will receive raffle tickets, amount dependent on the grades they have.  These tickets will be put into a drawing that will occur every Monday, winning prizes will be determined.  Any student that receives a D or F will be required to do a Grade Reflection form.
    I will also be meeting one on one with students in regards to their grades and will be encouraging them to set and reach attainable academic goals.

     Allowance or Behavior Checks will be done on Thursdays.  During this time students will evaluate the allowances that they used and reflect on what they could have done differently over the week to improve their future behavior.  Bingo squares will be rewarded to students for every allowance not used over a one week time period.

    Students will be required to reflect more indepth if a Infaction was given to them.  They will be required to "look at themselves in the mirror" and reflect on the behavior that caused them to receive and infraction and think about what it is they can do to make better CHOICES in the future

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