• Dear Parents/Guardians,
    In the month of January, 8th grade students will be choosing their classes for Freshman year. We would like to invite you to a 30 minute conference with your child between January 9th to January 25th where your child will share with you their career journey at UGES to help determine their course selections. I have provided you with a link to sign up for a time convenient for you. If you are unable to attend the 8th grade conference, I will still meet with your child and email you the information we covered. If you have any additional questions please email eweber@uges.k12.wi.us.
    Please CLICK HERE to sign up for your child's conference.

Eighth Grade

  • Eighth Grade



    8th grade students will be taught a unit on careers in Friday health classes for the duration of second sememster.  We will cover trasition to the high school, colleges, jobs, financial planning and interviews.  Along with the curriculum they are taught in health class we have cross curricular teaching of careers in Math and Language Arts. 

    Mock Interviews are done on January 14th when community members offer to come to our school and interview all of our 8th grade students, so that the students are exposed to the interview process.

    A career fair will be done  where a variety of professionals will come to our building to present information on the working world.


    High School transition is an important part of the students 8th grade year.  I will help students begin this transition during the career unit lesson on high school courses.  I will then continue to support the students both in class and individually as the course selection process begins.