Seventh Grade

  • Seventh Grade

    Natural High Fair (September)

    Students will explore natural adrenaline rushes through hobbies and passions that they have.  They will prepare a booth that represents this "Natural High" with and interactive.  All UGES students and parent are welcome to attend this event.

    This program was taken from Jon Sundt videos.  Information on this program can be found at


    Children's Heath Education Center

    BlueKids Programs

    4 Ur Health-  This is an online program used with Mrs. Kuper's health curriculum covering:

    Evaluating your health and health knowledge, facts on nutrition, physical activity and body image.

    It's Up 2U-  This is an online AOTDA program that covers that various ways drugs and alcohol can affect a persons life. Journaling through this program and reflecting on the experiences of the characters will help our students obtain the skills to make postive and long lasting choices for themselves. 

    The Real U- This is an online program that we use with our health curriculum to teach good mental health.  We cover how our minds work, how to take care of our minds and coping mechanisms for unhealthy thoughts.


    Personal Mission Statements

    Students will be creating their own personal life mission statements, through a guided step by step process.  These mission statements will be put into their career portfolios.

    Team Building

    Beginning in the month of February the seventh grade classes will experience team building activities every friday in Health class.  During these classes we will focus on how to work as a team, how each indivual can contribute to a team, how to handle differences, how to accomplish the same goal with different ideas and many more team building skills while having fun!

    In conclusion to the team building curriculem we will be taking a field trip to Covenant Harbour, a low and high ropes course.  Students will be challenged trust one another, get to know others,to work together as a team, and to accomplish difficult challenges on the low ropes.  We then move to the high ropes where students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves in a variety of areas.


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