Sixth Grade

  • Sixth Grade

     SCAN- The Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Program of Lutheran Social Services provides a continuum of school based prevention curriculums to children in Racine County. The child abuse prevention and awareness program for students in sixth grade discusses physical and sexual abuse and Internet safety concerns. It is a two class period informational presentation with videos and discussion including time for student questions. This is not a program on human sexuality, but rather an educational program to help children become better informed on child abuse issues.

    Safe Minds-This program is team taught by Sheri Ladow, school psychologist and me.  It is a program on teen/adolescent suicide prevention.

    Objectives for the program include:

    -                      Identifying moods and feelings

    -                      Building healthy relationships

    -                      Addressing the effects of bullying

    -                      Warning signs of suicide and depression

    -                      Awareness of emotional stressors

    -                      Providing positive ways to express themselves

    -                      How to implement ACT (Action~Care~Tell)


    Why Try?

    The Why Try Program is taught throughout the entire 6th grade school year, either once or twice a month.  There are 10 lessons with a final project along with a movie relating to the program. Students do a great deal of journaling in this program and participation points will be put towards their language arts grades.

    1.  Motivation Formula-  This lesson helps to teach students how to convert challenges into positive motivation.

    2.  Reality Ride-  Focuses on what reality is along with real life consequences and rewards for the decisions you make.

    3.  Tearing off Your Label-  Helps teach about labels both negative and positive.  Gives students the tools to tear off their negative labels and create new positive labels.

    4.  Defense Mechanisms-  This lesson speaks of how we impulsively protect ourself from uncomfortable feelings.  It helps to teach students how to protect themselves without hurting themself or others.

    5.  Climbing Out-  This lesson talks about how peers can affect you in both negative and positive ways. 

    6.  Jumping Hurdles-  This teaches how to overcome problems or challenges. 

    7.  Desire, Time, Effort-  This lesson explains how desire, time, and effort are important when overcoming daily life challenges.

    8.  Lift The Weight-  This lesson teaches how following rules strengthens you and breaking the rules can make you weak.

    9.  Getting Plugged In- This lesson helps students to identify the support and resources that they have around them.

    10.  Seeing Over the Wall- This lesson reviews and connects the previous lessons, focusing on how the lessons from Why Try? can help them reach their potential and dreams.

    In conclusion we will choose a motivational movie such as Rudy or Blind Side to connect to the program.  Their final project will be to make a collage of what their future will look like if they make positive life choices.  This will be handed back to them in their 8th grade year as a reminder of their future dreams.

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